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All units comes with:

Basic Smart Home System
Compatible EV Charging
Compliant warranty based on local law
Electric, Water and Sewage System

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Estimated Delivery Time: 120-150 days


Boarding Port Pick Up

1. Once your unit production is complete, Nestron will contact you for inspection. Once you’ve inspected and approved your
unit order, Nestron will provide an estimated shipping cost provided by our assigned forwarder along with an estimated
shipment date.
2. Homeowners can opt to pay an estimated shipping cost along with the unit purchase prior to the shipment, however, changes in rates will be borne by the buyer. We will not ship an order internationally without your prior approval and payment of the final shipping charges.


  • If client insist in arranging self-pickup from the factory, the client will have to bear the risk, arrangements and relevant procedures.
  • If there is any special condition in case you are having difficulties arranging a shipping service to pick up the products from the destination port, we will assist you to arrange a door-to-door shipping service applicable to terms and conditions.

Adjusted to all the conditions

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Sale process

Placing a home never been easier

Configure & Reserve

Pick the model, choose color, equipment and make a reservation for your Nestron. The booking fee 10000 USD will hold a consultation and production spot. The deposit serves as part of the final payment.

Let us know your needs

After placing a booking, your sales advisor will contact you to discuss all the details related to your personal needs and local housing requirements. Based on this we will create a final configuration and send you and invoice. You are also allowed to switch model units during the consultation!

Manufacturing Process

We will start the manufacturing process right after your full payment. We will stay in touch with you and keep you updated with the photos of your Nestron at the key stages of construction.


Once the manufacturing process is completed, we will send you the video tour of your completed Nestron house for your inspection. After confirming the delivery date, we will arrange to deliver your house.

Place and live

Our favorite stage. Simply place the house on spot, plug the utilities and start your journey in Nestron! Our engineers will assist you with any questions related to connecting or configuring the voice control system. We would love to see the photos of your house!

Sale process details

Learn more about the process behind shipping Nestron's units. If you have any questions, schedule a call with our sales using the form below.

The purchase includes freight charges to the client’s country. This includes freight services such as fumigation, sterilization, customs clearance, embarkation, insurance, customs duties after arrival, value-added tax, port groceries, and any relevant process. Tax and Duty charges, 10%-13% of product price depending on your country. Shipment is from Nestron manufacturing site directly to your closest port.

Door-to-door shipment is available upon request, charges may vary as Nestron will assign the shipment company to assist door-to-door shipment with the client directly.

Upon purchase, Nestron will assign sales to deal with you within 3 working days for order confirmation and local regulation configurations. 

A list of basic appliances included in the default purchase of a unit includes:

  • LED Lighting,
  • Electric Blinds
  • Music Player,
  • Range Hood
  • Water Heater
  • Electric OR Gas Stove Top

Optional add-ons available:

  • Solar System
  • Floor Heater System
  • Smart Toilet
  • Smart Mirror

If you have any specific appliances that you would like to place in Nestron units that may require us to build your unit differently, kindly confirm with us during the Sales confirmation process on regulations and configurations.

The expected time to receive units will take approximately three months + one month (included manufacturing timeline)

The manufacturing process starts only upon confirmation of regulation depending on the destination country. In which Nestron will be reaching out to you within three days of your order placement (as mentioned above)

If you need craning and contactor services for arrival and installation. Kindly remark during the confirmation process, and we will assist you in this matter.

Schedule a call

We are always excited to learn more about your needs, and will be happy to offer you any information about Nestron house, shipping and all the sales process details. Having problems with the form? Drop us a message directly on

Leave us your email and we will contact you to schedule a call with consultant.